Fine Jewelry


If I could put a time limit on "love",I would hope it to be ten thousand years.


At GIFTLISTE, our story is not just about jewelry, but about love, dreams and persistence.

Founded in 2012, this brand stems from a couple's love for silver jewelry, their deep affection for jewelry and a common belief: beautiful things should be within reach and not be restricted by luxury labels and high prices.

On their journey to find true value and meaning, they discovered a dark secret in the jewelry industry: the price of high-quality jewelry is often inflated by inflated marketing and advertising costs. The couple decided to break away from the norm and create a different world of jewelry – one that was both luxurious and accessible.

The birth of GIFTLISTE aims to make the luxury that was once out of reach accessible to everyone. We work with top manufacturers to ensure each piece of jewelry uses the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship as the world's top brands, but we remove the traditional hefty markup.

Each piece of our handmade jewelry is a tribute to traditional craftsmanship and the pursuit of modern aesthetics.

Over time, our interests expanded into the realm of crystals. In this fast-paced life, we realize people's desire for happiness, tranquility, wealth, success and good luck. Our crystal series are not just decorations, they are carriers of energy, purifying the soul and bringing positive energy.

Listening to the voices of our customers, we have taken a new step - customized jewelry. We understand that everyone desires something unique in the world that symbolizes their unique identity and story. This collection of jewelry is a reflection of each customer’s unique personality and emotions. Each piece of jewelry captures and conveys the beautiful memories and profound emotions in life that cannot be expressed in words.


Since its founding in 2012, GIFTLISTE has grown from a small office and a determined team into a trusted global jewelry brand. Our growth is inseparable from our more than 100 employees from all over the world. Their professionalism and enthusiasm are the driving force for our continuous progress. We are especially proud that 77% of our team are women, whose beauty, personality and strength form the core of GIFTLISTE.

Our design team is committed to the perfect fusion of traditional and modern elements, and each piece of jewelry is an original design with careful consideration and craftsmanship. We believe that every piece of GIFTLISTE jewelry is not only a fashionable and decent gift, but also an expression of love and cherishment.

We encourage everyone to not only give gifts to others on special occasions, but also to reward themselves. Because at GIFTLISTE, we believe that everyone has unique beauty, and this confident beauty is far better than worldly definitions.

At GIFTLISTE, we don't just create jewelry, we create memories, we create eternity.