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How to measure your jewelry size?

How long should my chain be?

Long story short: The chain you select will determine where on your body your  necklace sits, so think about the length that is right for you.

Our chains run from 14” to 32” long, which means your necklace can sit anywhere from high up on your collarbone to all the way on your lower chest.

Once you’ve decided where you would like the necklace to sit, take a long piece of string and loop it around your neck. Close the string at the point on your chest you would like your necklace to sit. Now open the string and measure it - how many inches long is it? That’s the length you should select for your new necklace.

Please keep in mind that the chain lengths mentioned on the website do not include the length of the pendant. Most of our pendants run between 0.75”-2” (2-5 cm), so the total length of your customized jewelry will be the length of your selected chain plus the length of your pendant.

For example, if you order a necklace with a 16” chain, the total length of the necklace would be 16.75” – 18”, depending on the pendant and style.

14 inches (35cm): fits closely around the neck

16 inches (40cm): the length is equivalent to the collar

18 inches (46cm): dropping to the position close to the collarbone

20 inches (50cm): dropping to the bottom of the collarbone

22 inches (55cm): close to the neckline

24 inches (60cm): dropping to the neckline

How to measure your bracelet size?

Bracelets come in many different sizes and shapes and are a lovely addition to your jewelry collection. When it comes to choosing a bracelet, it is key to make sure that the sizing is just the right fit. Especially when ordering a bracelet online, it is much easier if you have the right size. It is a simple procedure to determine your bracelet size and can be done from the comfort of your home with household items!

STEP 1: Preparations

Lay out the needed tools beforehand.
  • You will need: a pen, scissors, masking tape, a ruler, and a piece of paper.
  • Cut a thin strip of the piece of paper, you will need this to measure your wrist.

STEP 2: Wrap Paper

  • Stick a piece of masking tape to the end of the strip of paper and stick the piece of tape to your wrist.
  • Wrap the strip of paper just below the wrist bone, where you would usually wear a bracelet.
  • Mark your strip with a pen where the end of the bracelet needs to be.

STEP 3: Measure

Measure the paper strip with a ruler. This is the wrist size. For charm bracelets that you want draping across the top of your hand, measure the point where your wrist meets your hand and add approximately a half inch allowance to that.


Ring size guide

Speaking of which, smart you should know how to measure the size of the ring, right? Yes, the same method as above!

OPTION 1: Measure by matching your ring

  • 1.Select an existing ring that fits the desired finger.
  • 2.Measure the internal diameter of the ring (mm).
  • 3.Use the below chart to determine your ring size.

OPTION 2: Measure your finger with a ruler

  • 1.Wrap a strip of paper around your finger where you'd like your ring to be. 2.Make sure that the paper is pulled snug to your finger, the tighter the better, to find your best fit.
  • 3.Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure the distance with a ruler (mm).
  • 4.Use the below chart to determine your ring size.

After determining the size, choose the appropriate ring according to the size chart below. But don't worry, most of our rings are open, and the size can be adjusted by yourself.